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Plain Ol' As Model A Ford Club
Plain Ol' As Model A Ford Club
              Serving Northeast Kansas
Planes, Trains, and Model As
the 2011 Midwest Regional Meeting - 
June 5-10
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What's this all about?
          Every year the Midwest Model A clubs get together for a week of driving, eating, sight-seeing, special events and eating (yes, I know I already said that, but we LIKE eathing!).  This year we, the Plain Ol' As are hosting the meet with the theme of Planes, Trains and Model As.  The meet will have a special focus on the history of transportation with trips in Kansas. 

So what are some of the special events?
We'll be visiting one of the oldest train stations in the area where we'll get some hands-on experience with period locomotives
AND we'll be taking a trip to the Kansas Speedway, with an opportunity to take your A for a victory lap around the track.  (It's safe -- we will NOT be spraying champagne on any of the participants!)
And did I mention there'll be plenty of opportunities to find good things to eat?